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Design Thought

Every great day starts the night before’ said the brief. The implications for design were clear – wake up a sleepy category with visual energy. More morning glass of OJ, less the cosy mug of bedtime coco.

The product strategy was simple – just one design in various sizes. So the branding aimed to be beautifully simple and simply beautiful to reflect this.

With start-up funds limited, we built a design campaign to give this online brand a pulse, using the mattress as a canvas for creativity. From artists editions on mattresses, to initialised wedding gifts for a couple setting out on their ‘perfect start’, to ‘Evie’ - a brand mascot up with the larks to newborn ‘baby boxes’ everything was build around a brand delivering ‘the perfect start’.

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The brand went from a start up to IPO (valued at £150m) in just 27 months (fastest ever in Uk history)

£0-£12 million turnover in less than 2 years

Average monthly growth rate of 35% in year 1 & 25% in year 2 with 355% YoY growth in 2016

15% prompted brand awareness.

”this level of awareness is akin to a 4-5 year old brand not a 2 year old brand”

Andrew Stephens, MD Goodstuff media agency

“Silas was the first person I called when deciding to launch eve. His effect has been immeasurable. The IPO would not have happened without him as we would not have had the brand that we have. Silas has an amazing ability to coax the true spirit and personality of a brand and present it with incredible clarity. In 20 years of working in advertising he is the most original thinker I have come across.”

Kuba Wieczorek, Eve Sleep Co-Founder

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