Silas Amos
Design Thought

100 Billion bags are used and thrown away in America each year, piling up in landfills, clogging waterways and endangering wildlife.

The existing eco category is full of bags which break and aren’t up to the job.

HoldOn was created to find a better way without compromising on quality; heavy duty, plant-based, 100% home compostable bags that break down in weeks, not centuries.

How do you create a brand that balances cutting edge eco-credentials with the comforting reassurance of the traditional big players?

The design strategy was simple - combine looking planet kind with looking tough enough for the job. Look like we are on a mission for positive change (hence the manifesto printed on to each bag).... And create a bit of ‘curb appeal’ on trash collection day!

It was great to work on a project where the product IS the brand. With the smile in the mind created by the wordmark's ‘O’ being the trash bag, and the brands manifesto printed boldly on each and every bag.

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Things have kicked of brilliantly, with the launch inventory sold out within 72 hours....

Month on month growth of +75% since launch.

And 95% of customers buying 2 or more HoldOn items

Winning key listings in Target, Kroger, King Sooper

Dieline Brand Creation, Gold Award

World Brand Design Society Brand Design Creation, Silver Award

Pentawards Brand Design Creation, Bronze Award

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